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The Áshram is a place of Hindu meditation and teaching, both religious and cultural, where students live under the same roof as their teachers. It is the place where Hindus who have decided to withdraw from worldly life must live and who do not live in a fixed point, but go from ashram to ashram.

Its operation is similar to that of the monasteries in the Middle Ages, since they function at the same time as a place of retreat, a hostel, a community, a school and a public dispensary. This piece is inspired by these sites, trying to describe these sensations with music.


The picture belongs to Evangelina Lenarduzzi
De la serie “Meditadorxs”, acrílico sobre papel ilustración. 20 cm x 20 cm.

Marisol Gentile

-Degree in Composition, Prof of Composition and Technique in Harmony and Counterpoint.

Her catalog includes works for solo instruments, chamber groups, symphonic orches with and without soloists, and works for a cappella mixed choir and with instrumental accompaniment. Since 2002, she has been a member of the SGAE (Spain). She has obtained the “Creation Stimulus Award” awarded by the SGAE Foundation on more than 10 occasions. She is a member of Argentine societies of composers: UNACOM and AAC, and the Red de Compositoras Latinoamericanas.

-Music and artistic director of the Rosario Ensemble, Center for Studies for the Diffusion of Contemporary Music, an organization that she founded in 1996.

-Integrant of different groups as violinist, violist and soprano

-Director of:

  • the Orquesta del Ensamble Rosario (for the diffusion of contemporary music, with 25 years of activity)
  • the Instrumentalia Group (Baroque group that she founded in 2006)
  • the Chamber Orchestra of the Rosario University
  • the String Camerata of the Municipality of Victoria, Entre Ríos
  • the mixed chamber choir “Los Fulanos”
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