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The composition “Platonicus Resono” for piano solo strives to reflect – according to “Phaedrus” to Plato – the incarnation of the soul in the celestial world in parallel with its stay in the material world.

In the dialogue, Socrates claims that through observing the beauty of the soul of the partner the soul is reminded of “something of the truth” when it accompanied the Divine before being imprisoned in a material body. Since the observation is mutual, as per the echo-resonant effect, so is the power of platonic love to propel both partners to one of the pinnacles of human existence.


The work describes the ideal, celestial beauty, which the soul saw before it descended into the world.

The beauty is reflected in the consonantal cords and intervals and high registration.

To express the relationship, the work uses the resonant-effect (in pitch and dynamics) and the mirror-effect (in notation). The longings are described through harmonious tension and changing directionality, as a constant search for the heavenly beauty that aims to nourish the soul.

Bracha Bdil

Bracha Bdil (1988), composer, conductor and pianist, is a member of the Israel Composers’ League and her works are published by the Israel Music Institute. Her repertoire includes orchestral music, chamber, vocal and electronic music, as well as music for dance and theater.

Bracha was awarded the 2019-2020 ACUM Award, Israel, and was chosen as one of the composers in representing Israel at the Asian Composers League Festival, Taiwan (2018). She won first prizes in the Competition named after Michal Kleofas Oginski, Belarus. The “Electo Silva”, Santiago de Cuba (2021). The Wolf Durmashkin Composition Award, Germany (2018) and the Yardena Alotin Competition, Israel (2016).

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