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Translation from the Hebrew:

Some people say peace is a dove
White, with an olive branch in its beak
Some people say peace is a flag
White, rising to a peak

Some people say peace is a symbol
Stripes, stripes inside a circle
But I say peace is a goal
A goal to the human soul

People say victory brings peace
And makes battles cease
I truly hope all people wish
that wars “may rest in peace”

Some people feel peace makes them kind
Other thinks it’s a state of mind
May you go in peace – farewell they wish
But I say – reconciliation is peace

In other words
I say peace is just one word
Don’t worry
Just say “Sorry”

Hearts open slightly
Hands look for a shake
We all wish for love
Wishing peace to make

Souls brace souls
In search of brotherhood – our goal
No, no, no, it is not a dream
We’ll bring it here – we’ll bring this PEACE

Bracha Bdil

Bracha Bdil (1988), composer, conductor and pianist, is a member of the Israel Composers’ League and her works are published by the Israel Music Institute. Her repertoire includes orchestral music, chamber, vocal and electronic music, as well as music for dance and theater.

Bracha was awarded the 2019-2020 ACUM Award, Israel, and was chosen as one of the composers in representing Israel at the Asian Composers League Festival, Taiwan (2018). She won first prizes in the Competition named after Michal Kleofas Oginski, Belarus. The “Electo Silva”, Santiago de Cuba (2021). The Wolf Durmashkin Composition Award, Germany (2018) and the Yardena Alotin Competition, Israel (2016).

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