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2023 Edition

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femfestival 2023
18 December 2023

Swimming Through / Marina Karagianni
4.3 (14)

''Swimming Through'' is a vocalise based on a simple, cyclic piano part that serves as the scaffolding over which the voice, cello, violin and saxophone develop their quasi-improvised parts. The piece relates to the experiences of going through life changes, processing trauma or having glipmpses…
femfestival 2023
16 December 2023

Partícula de una pandemia / Frida Vasquez de la Sota
4.5 (48)

Clarinet quintet inspired by the melancholy experienced in confinement during the covid-19 pandemic, recorded during that time in a home studio. Layers and sound textures of clarinets that transmit pure emotions, a static state of the soul, an uncertain landscape, an intimate moment with raw…
femfestival 2023
16 December 2023

Christus factus est / Carlotta Ferrari
4.1 (8)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekAloIBhLEYChristus factus est is a bilingual motet in Latin and English, written for the Holy Week. English is intended like a "parola scenica", that is, according to Maria Callas, the moment of the action in which words have a dramatic meaning, a spotlight like on…
femfestival 2023
16 December 2023

The Heart Asks Pleasure First / Carlotta Ferrari
4.6 (23)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9t8aKwembIThe Heart Asks Pleasure First, developed around a modal center of D, is divided into three main sections: the first and the last feature the idea of death, related to the heart as its ultimate destiny. The mood of the first and last sections is…