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”Swimming Through” is a vocalise based on a simple, cyclic piano part that serves as the scaffolding over which the voice, cello, violin and saxophone develop their quasi-improvised parts. The piece relates to the experiences of going through life changes, processing trauma or having glipmpses of epiphany,  when old and new thoughts and emotions fade in and out of consciousness.

The title of the piece refers to the feeling of resistance experienced when moving through water, not unlike the feeling of wading through change.

Marina Karagianni

Marina Karagianni is a Greek composer and mezzo-soprano based in the UK. She writes music in what she describes as a hybrid genre, employing compositional techniques from diverse styles of music. Marina is drawn to the wealth of folk music traditions and focuses her work on exploring the expressive abilities of the voice. Marina is an LSO Soundhub Associate Composer for 2022-2024.

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