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Alice’s dreamy memories is a four hands piano piece, written for the “Associazione Concerti in Città di Noto”. It was recorded during its first performance in December 2019 at Palazzo Nicolaci, in Noto (SR).
Its title recalls the enchanted world of Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carrol’s renowned book.
The structural form of the piece is regular, it is a five-part arch form (A-B-C-B-A). Every musical moment is meant to picture one of the characters that Alice meets during her dreamlike journey.

  • Section A recalls the hopping, joyful madness of the Mad Hatter and the March Hare;
  • section B flows through the dreamy malice of the Cheshire Cat;
  • section C addresses the illogical seriousness of the Caterpillar.

Simona Iuorio

Simona was born in Ariano Irpino (AV) in 1996, where she started to explore her love for music at a young age, being selected as part of the school’s choir. She eagerly dedicated to choir activity until 2019.
She attended Liceo musicale “Petrarca” in Arezzo, where she studied trumpet and piano, while also developing a passionate interest in music composition.
She continued to pursue her studies at Conservatorio “Cherubini” in Florence, where she received a BA degree in Musical Composition with full marks in 2020. For her final exam, she composed A Palazzo Oro Ror, a cantata freely inspired by some of Aldo Palazzeschi’s poetical writings.
She is presently completing her MA degree at Conservatorio “Cherubini”.
She had the opportunity to have some of her pieces performed in Italy, such as Aladin Quartett in Rome, Alice’s dreamy memories in Noto, Voce di vedetta morta and Libertà va cercando in Florence.
Many of them are inspired by literary works, in a creative attempt to give new voice to their words.

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