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Ruach is a Hebrew word literally meaning Air in Motion but representing the Holy Spirit. As a piece of music for wind instruments it really is Air in Motion, but it is also a four part musical representation of the gospel:

  1. Beginnings tells the story of creation from emptiness to life;
  2. Falling, the conversation in the Garden of Eden with each instrument being a character of the story;
  3. Liberty is a representation of the freedom found through relationship with the risen Jesus;
  4. Firefall depicts the coming of the Holy Spirit. Originally written as a quartet, here it is played by Platypus Clarinet Choir.

Zoe Felton

Zoe Felton is a saxophonist, instrumental teacher and composer living in central England. Initially studying Music and Psychology at Keele, she majored in composition.

Although she enjoys playing music, whether that be having a blast on the sax at home or performing with Loughborough Concert Band, and sharing that passion through teaching, Zoe’s love of music comes out most in composing.

Zoe has written music for a range of instrumentation from small ensemble through to windbands and orchestras.

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