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Agelaius is the scientific name for the pájaro varillero (varillero´s Bird), a typical argentine bird who lives in the litoral zone of the country (Santa Fe, Buenos Aires, Chaco, Formosa, Corrientes, Misiones and Entre Rios provinces)

This is a piece programmatic at the whole, and takes as central subject this Bird and the situations that he lives in a whole day: the music tries to describe these happenings.


The picture belongs to Adriana Patricia Canero
“Flores nocturnas”, Tec. acrílico sobre papel.

Marisol Gentile

-Degree in Composition, Prof of Composition and Technique in Harmony and Counterpoint.

Her catalog includes works for solo instruments, chamber groups, symphonic orches with and without soloists, and works for a cappella mixed choir and with instrumental accompaniment. Since 2002, she has been a member of the SGAE (Spain). She has obtained the “Creation Stimulus Award” awarded by the SGAE Foundation on more than 10 occasions. She is a member of Argentine societies of composers: UNACOM and AAC, and the Red de Compositoras Latinoamericanas.

-Music and artistic director of the Rosario Ensemble, Center for Studies for the Diffusion of Contemporary Music, an organization that she founded in 1996.

-Integrant of different groups as violinist, violist and soprano

-Director of:

  • the Orquesta del Ensamble Rosario (for the diffusion of contemporary music, with 25 years of activity)
  • the Instrumentalia Group (Baroque group that she founded in 2006)
  • the Chamber Orchestra of the Rosario University
  • the String Camerata of the Municipality of Victoria, Entre Ríos
  • the mixed chamber choir “Los Fulanos”
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