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This song brings together two lullabies: one Greek and one Turkish in an original composition. It wishes to expose the striking similarities between two neighbouring people that have not always co-existed harmoniously. The song poses the question of what belongs to whom in folk traditions. Ninni translates as ”lullaby” in Turkish and as ”little baby” in Greek, Nani translates as ”sleep” in Greek.


Voice – Marina Karagianni
Cello – Thodoris Papadimitriou

Marina Karagianni

Marina Karagianni is a Greek composer and mezzo-soprano based in the UK. She writes music in what she describes as a hybrid genre, employing compositional techniques from diverse styles of music. Marina is drawn to the wealth of folk music traditions and focuses her work on exploring the expressive abilities of the voice. Marina is an LSO Soundhub Associate Composer for 2022-2024.

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