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1° place in the femfestival online contest – 2022 Edition

For Flute solo

A year is divided into 24 solar terms in the traditional East Asian calendar and Jingzhe is the 3rd solar term. Jingzhe means the awakening of hibernating insects. During this period thunderstorms will wake the hibernating insects up, which implies the weather is getting warmer.

Jingzhe is vivid described by flute: the dormant animals hide inside the soil also in the stone crevices through the cold winter. After being awakened by the first thunderstorms in the beginning of the spring, they gradually drill out from the soil and stone crevices and start activities for the arrival of spring.

Kaiyi Kao

Kaiyi Kao graduated with Artist Diploma for piano and composition from the Vienna’s Franz Schubert Conservatory (FSK), as well as master degree for composition from the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.
She often wins prizes in international composition competitions. Her compositions are often performed at international music festivals and commissioned for projects.
She has been teaching at the FSK since 2011. Since 2019, she has participated in the taiwanese music group Studio Acht.

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