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Unnatural Oscillations is concerned with superimpositions and distortions; brash, dissonant chords overwhelm faint, meandering, fragmentary material, only allowing certain fragments to be discernable. This eventually lurches into a series of chorale like passages, with snippets of the chorale warped and folded into the dissonant voids.

Laila Arafah

Laila Arafah (b. 2004) is a composer from North London. Her works tend to explore loops, concepts of time and disjointedness.
She currently studies composition at The Purcell School with Sylvia Lim and at Trinity Laban’s junior department with Edward Henderson where she won the Junior Trinity Composition Prize in 2021 and 2022.
She has also won First Prize in the North London Festival Composition Competition. Laila’s piece Sibelius Studies: For your solo Sibelius was selected in the Spring 2022 FollowMyScore call for works. Recently, she has written a piece for CoMA’s catalogue as well as for London Sinfonietta as part of a series of workshops with Junior Trinity.

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